At Villa Quintili every reception is a memorable event.


For over 25 years Villa Quintili has hosted top level hospitality events, involving a prestigious, refined and demanding clientele, who require a high quality service and an outstanding venue.
Prince del Drago, master of hospitality, envisaged a house where the rooms conveyed
to the guests the perception of space as a unique entity. Following this vision, architect Busiri Vici  designed a real architectural masterpiece, where everything merges into a centre. This feature is visible on the first viewing.

Villa Quintili hosts business meetings, product launches, fashion shows, wedding receptions, concerts, art exhibitions and a wide range of public relation events. The Villa can welcome 300 people, however this capacity can be expanded with the addition of appropriate temporary structures.

The park surrounding the Villa is immense: in occasion of “Vespa’s” 50th anniversary, Piaggio used the gardens to celebrate this event with it’s 1200 guests. Villa Quintili is one of the most requested locations by Italian and foreign film directors, T.V. fiction and publicity directors (such as, Lavazza coffee, Ferrero, Lancia Y-10, American Express). It is also in great demand by fashion photographers who are keen to take advantage of its magical atmosphere.