Villa Quintili: the Surroundings.

On the Appia Antica, opposite Villa Quintili’s gate, at n. 290, lies the “Ninfeo” of the ancient Roman villa belonging to the Quintili family. The residence was described by Olimpiodoro (VI century) as follows: “it had all that a city could possibly offer: racecourse, forum, temples, fountains and thermal baths” It was home to Consuls Sesto Quintiliano Valerio and Condiano; Later, Emperor Commodo turned it into his country royal residence. The works of art found within this archaeological site and inside the residence are now hosted in the museum dedicated to this archaeological area. Among them, the recently found Niobe, a successful recovery by Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici di Roma (Government Department responsible for archaeological monuments, buildings, works of art and other treasures of the City of Rome).